Top Shelf Original Swimbaits

Top Shelf Original Swimbaits


Now available to the public - the Top Shelf Swimbait has been the secret bait of the pros for some time now. Responsible for $200,000 in winnings on the Elite and FLW Tours in less than a year, it was also the winning bait in the 2009 B.A.S.S. Elite Series on Smith Mountain Lake.

100% handmade in the USA, each Top Shelf Swimbait undergoes a strict, confidential 48-hour pouring process. This one-of-a-kind process is responsible for creating the bait's extremely realistic coloring, texture and unique head wobble and side to side swimming action unlike any other swimbait on the market today.  This exclusive process also ensures a high level of precision so the bait never rolls over or turns on its side, whether you fish it super fast or extremely slow. Featuring only premium components, each Top Shelf Swimbait also includes Owner Needle Point Hooks. Along the same vein, the line inserts are nickel-plated, avoiding the common problem of lead inserts changing the plastic's color over time. The inserts, as well as, the bait's 3D eyes are also cemented in place by hand, so they won't fall out easily or shake loose. Fish it around cover or in open water, wake it on the surface or fish it deep - the Top Shelf Swimbait is the choice of the pros with its dynamic coloring, tantalizing swimming action and premium construction.

-Includes one Owner Needle Point Treble Hook

Length Weight
4" 3/4 oz
5" 1.4 oz
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