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ShapeShift Shoulder Carry Expansion Pack

ShapeShift Shoulder Carry Expansion Pack

NOTE: This product is not a complete holster and requires a Shift Shell to operate.

  • Adjustable Fit – Works with virtually any body type.
  • Enhanced Comfort – Designed with soft, breathable CoolVent™ Neoprene.
  • Customizable Design – Optimize your draw with adjustable cant and Level III Retention.


Traditional shoulder carry holsters are complicated, bulky and downright uncomfortable. Thin leather straps dig into your skin, and the cheap materials break down over time. For some concealed carriers, leaving home without their firearm is a better option than having to wear a bulky, uncomfortable shoulder holster every day. When you leave your handgun behind, you leave behind the security and confidence that comes with carrying a firearm on your side.

We realize how crucial it is to be prepared for any life-threatening situation. To provide you with a way to comfortably conceal your firearm on a daily basis, we’ve designed the revolutionary ShapeShift Shoulder Carry Expansion Pack. With your separately sold Shift Shell, you’ll have the ability to conceal your firearm underneath a jacket, sports coat and more.

With its modular design, this expansion pack is capable of carrying one firearm (when paired with a Shift Shell) and two spare magazines, so you can easily go another round. Simply choose your handedness on this page along with the caliber and size of your spare magazines.

By perfecting its design over the course of three years, our dedicated team managed to combine breathable CoolVent™ Neoprene with rich English Bridle leather, which will keep you comfortable day-in and day-out.

We understand holsters are nothing without security. To ensure your gun stays put, the Shoulder Carry Expansion Pack includes an optional thumb break. The Cloak Mag Carriers also offer their own retention, so you can rest easy knowing your magazines are safe and secure.

Traditional shoulder carry holsters can be frustrating and tough to adjust. With a set of adjustable leather straps, you can easily tailor this shoulder rig to fit your body type in a few simple steps. If you are not satisfied with the fit, you can send it back within 30 days.

Every ShapeShift holster goes through an extensive testing process to ensure world-class durability and functionality. If anything on your holster breaks for any reason, our team will repair or replace it free of charge.

Feel confident, prepared and protected with the ShapeShift Carry Expansion Pack today.

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