Micron Defense w/ Cootie Spray

Micron Defense w/ Cootie Spray


The world's first two tiered medical grade disinfectant!


What happens when you combine a medical grade disinfectant with nano-ceramic coating technology? Micron Defense!


Micron Defense is a medical grade disinfectant, killing 99.9% of bacterial, viral (Including COVID-19), fungal and due to the nature of nano-ceramic coating, it is anti-microbial as well. It is FDA and EPA approved and FIFRA compliant. No licensing or extra training involved and where applied is ready for use after 30 minutes. They embedded a UV marker in the nano-ceramic coating, making it visible under black light for easy checking of coverage. After the 30 minute cure time, the surface can be cleaned daily without removing the disinfectant. Plus, it is both stain and liquid resistant. You can get it here before it's even available in stores. Kill those Cooties with Micron Defense! Keep your family, office, business, schools, busses, etc. safe from unseen threats. Especially those that lead to global pandemics.

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    1 Gallon

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