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When Lady Shine and I started seriously talking about this we decided that what we wanted was a old fashioned general store, a distillery and a tactical gun shop. Why not?! So R & S General Store & Distillery LLC was born.


As we began to work towards this goal, we met a good friend and business associate along the way, Jamie Blackhart, CEO of Advisor Tactical Products LLC. I contracted on with Advisor Tactical as Sales Rep for Missouri, covering the tactical needs of local law enforcement throughout the state. It was perfect timing due to COVID-19 Shutdown. Our SBA loan that we had been depending on to open our store was indefinitely put on hold due to the mass of PPP loans and new start-ups didn't qualify. Through Advisor Tactical and some hard work, I was able to save our dream... and even make it better.


With Adivsor Tactical covering such a specific market with top of the line products like Beretta, Alien Gear Holsters, Liberty Ammunition. Sheila and I decided to cover the rest of the field with our line so as to not interfere or compete with Advisor Tactical.


There are millions of gun enthusiasts who have wants and needs for tactical gear and a lot of different companies selling low quality equipment for top dollar price. Lady Shine and I wish to change that and provide a quality line of tactical weapons and gear for the tactical enthusiasts for a decent price that won't break you pocket book.


And of course, I cannot leave out the booze. Ladyshine and myself, Flatland Hillbilly make the best lines of whiskies, liquors and moonshine you'll find anywhere. Look for it soon at your favorite liquor store, Belleau Woods Whiskies, Gin, Vodka, Rum, Mescal and Absinthe, Flatland Hillbilly's Moonshine, Jamie's Old Army Whiskies and almost forgot to mention, his Old Army Coffee.


So here we are with the General Store selling all non-tactical products, including the liquors and coffees and two tactical shops. When our physical location is finally open, we will be the first brick and mortar Advisor Tactical Products Store in the US and here is the location of Advisor Tactical's only current Webstore. Please enjoy shopping with us and thank you for your patronage.

About US

Advisor Tactical Products LLC

Advisor Tactical Products, LLC (ATP) was established in 1999 in Spokane, Washington. Our Founder was serving with the Spokane Police Department in the Narcotics unit at the time and realized the need for consulting regarding security concerns. Soon after ATP was established, the need for both quality yet affordable security products became highly apparent.


ATP found that the products available to Safety Professionals at that time were either cheap (aka “junk”) and had not been designed by operators familiar with the capabilities for which these products were needed; or… they were far too expensive and unaffordable. To address this need, quality yet affordable tactical products were soon added to ATP.

ATP is backed by over 30 years of experience! Our Founder has worked in and with Law Enforcement, spent over 30 years in the Army as a Sergeants Major, was the Lighting Manager for the Western US for Pelican and Senior Manager of North America for SureFire.


ATP stands ready with a mission to support and defend our US Service Members and First Responders and the organizations they represent!

Led by a vested interest in supporting Veteran owned and operated organizations; all our partner companies and products have a Veteran at the helm who leads with loyalty, integrity, honor and respect.

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