About Us

Where to begin? We have been through so may changes over the last year and a half, I don't even know where we are at. So... I took a breath, re-evaluated the situation and decided to reorganize before I threw any more hard earned dollars at our various ventures. So I guess I'll just tell the whole crazy story here. 

At the beginning, we were going to start with the distillery. Well when COVID happened our SBD Loan went out the door for the PPP Loans which businesses already in operation took priority. So we put that on the back burner and went on with the general/tactical store. 

Then I met the CEO of Advisor Tactical Products LLC and signed on as a Sales Rep and quickly grew into that position. Everything was going fine, I was beginning to afford to invest back in the business again. So, I doubled down with my sales for Advisor Tactical and am slowly pulling out of the hole again. I had combined three of four projects into this site and it was a true eclectic mess and my Credit Card Processor would not cover all the items I carried. 

So here we are. I have moved the tactical store to another domain and am building it up again and rededicated this domain to the general store once again.

Thank you for hanging in there following us in this journey. When we get where we want to be it will be worth it for everyone. I guarantee!

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216 S Washington St Ste A, Clinton, MO 64735

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